Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Fresh Air Barbecue" - WORLD's BEST - Really and Truly!

You can stop looking.

I have found it.


OK, well, maybe not the best in the whole wide world.

But easily the best BBQ in the State of GA and quite possibly in the whole Southeast (after all, I've eaten BBQ in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Missippi, Louisiana, and Texas... and no place even come CLOSE to Fresh Air.)

In fact, my mouth is watering just typing this blog entry.

So.... If you find yourself in Macon Georgia, or Jackson Georgia (but what the heck are you DOING in Jackson, Georgia.... I really must ask... that's where the state prison is, and not much else), you OWE it to youself to stop and get a sandwich. Or two. Or five.

Just thinking about this BBQ makes me want to cry tears of bliss.
It's that flippin good. :)

Enough said.


Busy Bee Suz said...

So, you mean you like it????? :)
Next time I am visiting my relatives in prison, I will stop. I promise.

karengberger said...

BBQ is probably an ART in the south. One of our friends moved here from Dallas with his custom-made smoker, and we experienced a revelation in taste!
I love hearing how much this has impressed you...I hope you get there often, to enjoy what you love.

74WIXYgrad said...

Next time I pay a visit to my congressman, I will have to stop there for lunch.

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

I'm so jealous ... bbq just isn't the same here. xoxo.

Bee said...

yum, meat. i do love it, no matter how many times i give it up, i always take it back again.

Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. That sounds PERFECT!