Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Life. Death.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about death..... because of the death of my friend Deron. And really, Deron was completely prepared for this. He'd had CF his whole life. He knew the double lung transplant was a gamble, and he was totally prepared for that.

I truly believe Deron is in the presence of God now, and has the eternal body the Bible promises believers.... one without flaw, and one that is not marred by sickness and pain. And that's a beautiful thing. However, my heart still grieves for his wife and children.

So, I've been thinking about LIFE... and about the importance of LIVING while one is alive. We all tend to forget about the IMPERMANENCE of our state here on Earth, don't we? As though we'll always be here. But we won't. One day our time here will be done. It might be tomorrow, or it might be when we're 102 years old. Only God knows the day. But our days are, indeed, numbered.

So, LIVE. Quit thinking in " day...." terms.
(And I'm saying this for my OWN admonishment, more than anyone else's.... believe me....)

No more dilly dallying.
Be present now.
Quit putting stuff off.

Get up, go out, and drink the nectar out of life.
It's YOUR life. Live it.

Monday, November 9, 2009

In Memory of a Departed Friend....

Sad news today: my blogger buddy Deron Arnold has passed away. You may have read about Deron here.

Deron was suffering with end stage Cystic Fibrosis and had a double lung transplant in July, but has remained hospitalized since then.

He was a loving husband, and father to twin 3 year old boys. He was a great guy, and his faith really inspired me.

Deron lost his long battle on Sunday and is no longer struggling.

Please keep his family in your prayers.