Sunday, February 21, 2010

Real Mission Work

This is yet another reason why I love my church.
We do REAL stuff, in the REAL world.

Today Kevin announced that we as a church have committed to contributing $600K over the next 2 - 3 years to build permanent wells in Mozambique so people can have CLEAN WATER.

CLEAN WATER.... get that? Something you, and I, take totally for granted. I can go to my kitchen tap, turn it on, and not worry about getting sick or DYING from what is in my water. But in parts of Africa more people die from water-borne illnesses than from HIV/AIDS. Horrifying.

I love that 12Stone is doing this.

Above is the video about the issue that Kevin played this morning.


Kay said...

That is so cool! And hopefully some Living Water can be shared as well! So neat. : )

Jason, as himself said...

Real stuff in the real world. I know some churches who have a LOT of money that could sure do real stuff in the real world with it! (Would you care to guess which ones I'm thinking about?)

Matt said...

This isn't the exact video that we played on Sunday, the complete video will be posted soon. You can also get more details at

annie said...

It is amazing how my we take for granted. I think it is awesome that 12Stone has committed that much $$ to help with the humanitarian efforts there. I can see why you love your church.

HappyWifeHappyLife (HWHL) said...

Jason... you are right... there are plenty of churches out there who don't do the stuff they should. BUT I thought I'd "shine the light" on one who is doing something to make a difference. :)

Kay & Annie - thanks for the kind words and encouragement - if you want to check out our AWESOME website (props to Matt, our website designer), go to - all our messages are free to listen to, watch, etc.

Matt - thanks for note - I did notice when watching the YouTube video that it was slightly different... I'll be sure to put up the exact video soon. btw... you do a GREAT job! :)

Life with Kaishon said...

This has always been one of my most favorite charities. : ) Miss you.