Friday, April 3, 2009

My Dream of Heaven

Initially, I wasn't going to blog about this, but then Suz wrote about Mark.... and Laurie wrote about Wendy..... and Karen wrote about Katie..... and Sheye wrote about Ava..... and Kay wrote about Bubba.... and on and on.... (so many of my blogger friends have lost loved ones.....)

And I felt a press to share my dream.

So here it is.
Earlier this week, I dreamed that I died, and went to Heaven.
But first, before I share my dream, let me say that words are going to fail, miserably, to convey the beauty and the peace and the extreme BLISS I felt. And I can't help but wonder: was my dream really a dream? Or was it a vision?

Anyway, Tuesday night was a normal night for us. Stayed up, watched the late news with hubster, watched a little Leno, then fell asleep in our bed. Normally I don't remember my dreams... in fact, it's pretty rare that I remember a dream, and if I do, it's just a very vague "plot line".

However, in THIS particular dream (which I remember clearly), I died. I don't know what I died from, all I know is that I "ceased being alive". And then, after I died, I found myself in a tunnel.... but it wasn't a tunnel like we know them (in the human realm)... it wasn't narrow, it wasn't claustrophobic, and it DEFINITELY wasn't dark.

The tunnel was unbelievably LIGHT.... shimmering gold tones. Coppery tones, yellow-gold tones, white-gold tones, colors that I've never seen before and that don't even EXIST in our human experience. And they were all shimmering and vibrating together and they were beautiful. And not only were they bright, but they infused warmth out towards me. And it was incredibly PEACEFUL and I felt so filled with BLISS.... happier than I have ever felt in my entire life. In fact, the word joyous is the closest that I can come to describing it, but even that word is not accurate. And as I proceeded down this tunnel, the feelings and the warmth and the light became more intense, but not in a negative way... more intense in a very wonderful, loving way and all encompassing way. And I really wanted to continue down the tunnel.

And.... that was it. I woke up. The dream was not long, but it was VERY intense.
And I immediately thanked God for that dream because I knew, without ANY doubt, that it was a gift from him....

I hope it will be a gift to those of you who have lost loved ones. Because I believe, without any doubt, that God's love is something more magnificent and more all consuming that we can even imagine.

Peace & Love, my friends.


Kay said...

Wow..what a vivid dream! I love that you dream in color. I do too! : ) I've had several times when God has given me tiny glimpses into my little Bub's reality and it is very intense and beautiful...much like your dream!

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Kay said...

Also wanted to let you know you're in my prayers on the job hunt thing! Looking forward to wonderful news...hopefully SOON!! : )

Sally's World said...

this is beautiful, i often dream about my son, who is in heaven watching over us, and i wake with the same feeling of peace...of course, life creeps back in and i worry thats its just wishful thinking...thank you for the smile today, great post :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love this....I hope it was a "glimpse"...because that would be really cool.
Thanks for sharing

karengberger said...

That is very much like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's descriptions of the transition between here and "there" (her books have been deeply comforting to me). Thank you for sharing your dream with us; it is comforting and calming to hear about it. I have a sense that you have seen what lies ahead of us.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I tried to find a graphic that would come close to the tunnel (or even the colors) that I experienced.... but there was nothing that even came remotely close.....

I'm glad it has helped those of you who have lost a loved one (especially those who have lost a child). I pray for you, my blogger friends... that God may bring you his peace and his comfort... until you're reunited with your loved ones.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Wow! That is simply amazing. I choose to believe that's exactly what Heaven is about.

Have a great weekend!

Much love from NJ,

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

I love this ... love you too, Girlfriend! And, thank you. xoxo.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow, HW.... I love it!!!! From all I've read, heard and studied about Heaven--it is the most joyous place anyone could ever want to be... Hallelujah for that!!!!


Grandma J said...

What a detailed look into the world of dreams! I think God gives some people a glimpse of heaven.

I can't wait to hear about Flat Carolines visit, she will have so much to tell her classmates when she gets back in May.

Steve and Jenn Fletcher said...

Everytime I come visit your blog, it makes me happy. It has such a positive energy about it.

I can feel your love and faith for God and it strengthens my own.

In the last couple of years, I've developed severe asthma. A couple of weeks ago, I had an attack around bedtime that was severe and my inhalers (two kinds) were not working. It is a frightening thing not to be able to breathe--nightmarishly so. It is amazing to me how in moments like that, my entire soul calls out to God for help. That night, when I was so afraid I would stop breathing for much too long, I prayed harder than I ever have. And within minutes I felt enveloped in His love and peace like I never have before and suddenly I could just...breathe.

I don't know how people who don't rely on God can survive in this world. Praying for His love and peace gets me through so much.

I can only imagine how all-encompassing that love and peace must be in Heaven if it is anything more than the little glimpes of it we are given here.

Smileygirl said...

wonder what that means?

Sounds very peaceful. Maybe you will dream it again and see more...

D'Arcy said...

I loved that you shared this, Visions and dreams are real and they are there to help and teach us. I've had two very real dreams that have caused such an emotional reaction of beauty and being and life and light that even now, though the last one happened when I was 14, i can still remember the feeling.

Sheye Rosemeyer said...

Your dream sounds beautiful, thankyou for sharing it :)
Love Sheye x