Saturday, January 16, 2010

Interview with Michael Buble

I admit it. Ever since Buzy Bee Suz posted Michael Buble's video on her blog, I've been smitten. (I knew who he was, of course, but his off-the-scale Cutest Quotient had escaped me....)

Anyway, trolling through YouTube on this rainy Saturday, I stumbled upon THIS gem of an interview he gave to Glenn Beck (and I'm not even a Glenn Beck fan.... but I still loved the interview.).



Busy Bee Suz said...

He is so cute...gotta love him!!!

TheUndertaker said...

Hey I was waiting for the guy with the orange hair??? But the clip ended, buhu. Good clip, gottaa love that guy.. .Dreamy... MB that is

dani :) said...

micheal buble is so bubly relaxed calm funny has a great personality and gets on well with people on and off stage all he does is be himself thats what more celebrities should do hes so nice i really would love to meet him one day.i wuv ya micheal :)

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