Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"So.... How Cold IS It?"

You may have heard THIS GUY tell you from your TV how ridiculously cold it is lately all over the country, even in the South, where we're not used to such Madness.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's frikkin freezing. (That's the scientific term.) The temps we're having this week (and which they're forecasting into Sunday) tie records that go back to 1985.... to give you some perspective, that's when THIS chickadee was back in high school.....

Anyway, the lows are in the single digits. The highs are struggling to reach freezing. It's CRAZY. Insanity. I really have no idea how sane people inhabit places like Alaska. Maybe you just have to be just categorically nuts to want to live there?

Here's a last humorous tidbit: for whatever reason, our front door neither latched nor locked this morning (note to self: PAY BETTER ATTENTION). Said door wound up opening wide-slap-open (that's "all the way open" for you non-southerners).... anyway, Hubster came home and found the dogs "shivering together, huddled for warmth, on our bed". Yes, ladies and gentleman, apparently it was TOO COLD even for my dogs to run and play outside (because you KNOW they really wanted to.....)

Dang cold.


ChiTown Girl said...

ahhhh...kwitcher bitchin'!!! Come up HERE if you want to know REAL cold!!!

OK, I'm just teasing, I know you must be miserable. And, besides, we both know I prefer my freezing temps to your warm anyday!

I would have been freakin' out if I came home to find the front door "wide-slap-open!" I assume you did a quick check to see if all your possessions were still there. Poor puppies! At least they figured out how to stay warm together.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

ChiTown - yes, I WAS freakin out when Hubster called me to report the door "flapping in the breeze"... but apparently the robbers weren't on our street today (luckily!).

I honestly DON'T know how you deal with this cold on a regular basis. I would be a looney tune.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't believe your door was open. All day?
It is even cold here...29 this morning. I have blankies on my tomato plants!!!

74WIXYgrad said...

Should I give you sympathy, seeing I live in Ohio and your temperatures almost constitute a heatwave in January?