Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why I'll Never Run for President

UPDATE: I'm sure this goes without saying, but in no way should the below post be construed as me making fun of (or condoning how our mainstream media makes fun of) John McCain. I think our current news system is anything BUT fair and balanced, and I also think they take glee in reporting on what garners RATINGS, instead of what is truly newsworthy.
I merely am making a point that I would not want to live in the fishbowl that presidential candidates have to live in... that's all....

Can you imagine having a photograph that is this unflattering yourself on the front page of a major European newspaper? (This was on the front page of The Irish Times on Thursday, October 16th.)

No thanks. I'll pass.

And there are about 476 other reasons why I would never consider running for President as well, but this Nosferatu-looking photo tops the list for today.


karengberger said...

Now, that was not nice of them to run that photo. It looks as if he got a bug stuck in his throat. I agree; no one with good sense would WANT that job. But I hope someone with a good heart will get it.

Sugar said...

If any of us had every micro second... every teeny tiny misstep... every stutter scrutinized, I doubt we'd be in any mental state to continue. It will be a great day when this crap starts to go away and real, honest, hard working Americans can run for office without fear of being pummeled by those that have a different opinion.

These journalists are like the dumb bully on the playground...

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I've already started praying for the man who gets the job. I believe he will need our prayers (and I mean that seriously... he is inheriting a royal MESS....)

Sugar, you are so right. Journalists can be so cruel.... like the mean kid in the 6th grade. I was surprised that a "real" paper published a photo like that. (Seems like something The Onion would have published...)

I'm ready for the election to be over, and the newly elected to get busy working on fixing things.

Gustav said...


The beauty of anonymity.

Its so great to walk down to my mailbox in my shorts and nothing else and not hav eto worry that I look like a toad (which I do I am sure).

I relish being me and not the source of derision.

John McCain is good man and deserves better. I prefer Obama for President yet they both deserve respect as we all do!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Gustav, you hit the nail on the head. Many days I leave the house with hair in a ponytail, no makeup on, wearing an old ratty t-shirt and jeans .... and I am HAPPY to be "anonymously me"!

I think living in a fishbowl would be No Fun...

Laurie Keller said...

Since I have researched John McCain's POW experience I can't look at photos of him without noticing what he is doing with his arms. Apparently he can't raise them above his head because of torture in North Korea. Anyway ... this is pretty goofy and I'm ready for it all to be behind us, and hope we will all be ok. Faith teaches us that we will always have what we need so I'm not going to worry about it, but I am concerned.
xoxo from the Prairie.

Dawn said...

No kidding! I suppose life won't ever be fair, but really... sometimes I wish these news people had some common sense... or a heart. I would certainly hate for someone to be watching me so closely- EEK! I'm with you... whoever is elected is going to need our prayers... lots of them. And our country, too.

cjs said...


yeah, the fishbowl would be the pits. my husband used to be a pastor and we were either on a pedestal or the chopping block. either one isn't a fun place to be.

oh yeah...I'm inspired that you're already praying for the one who inherits this "royal mess" as you mentioned.

you rock.

Jason said...

Me neither! Can you imagine being under public scrutiny 24 hours a day? Everybody looks bad sometimes, and when people are looking for those bad things, well, people can be made to look like fools.

But I'm still voting or Obama. :)