Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diva Having Surgery Today

Diva, my wild, UNAPOLOGETICALLY destructive 7 month old Chocolate Lab, is getting spayed today.

I asked the vet if they could throw in a frontal lobotomy too.... (KIDDING).

She was SO bad at the vet when I dropped her off this morning. First, she got loose in the parking lot and ran around like a bucking bronco (and then did the "you-can't-catch-me" dance), then once we were inside she insisted on growling at all the sweet "house cats" that the vet has. The cats just glared at me like "This is irritating. Can you take care of this?"

So, anyway. Diva is surely anesthetized by now (and quiet - what a rarity!).
(My kids still think I'm being very mean to not let her have at least one litter of puppies.... SIGH...)


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

My prayers are with Diva that she'll come through her surgery WITH flying colors....and WITHOUT her necessary plumbing. :-)

Give her lots and lots of kisses when she comes home. If you'd like, you can also just poach a a couple of large chicken breasts for about an hour, and then shred the meat over her kibble and dribble some of the chicken's broth over it. It should last her several feedings. (Ruby would love it too!)

The high, lean protein really promotes healing and she'll LUUUUURVE on you like you wouldn't believe.

I meant to also comment on several of your last posts, but alas, life gets in the way of things sometimes. Your family is in my prayers this holiday season. I know that the economy is going to take its toll on all of us. I'm grateful that you have the love of your strong, hardworking husband, of your precious children, and of course, the devotion and affection of your furbabies. Love dividends are priceless. I'm so happy you have tons.

Achilles and Milo send their wags and slobbers to Diva and Ruby. Your kids will understand when they're older, especially your daughter, that what you're doing for Diva is the right thing to do. Diva's life revolves around the pleasure and love she can give you. She is blessed to have your home as her forever home.

Keep us updated! If you make her the chicken, let me know how she likes it. I wish I were closer, I'd make some for her myself!

Busy Bee Suz said...

AWWW...take it from me and BOB Barker, you are doing a good service to all the needy pups out there. :)
Perhaps she will be calm for a few days??????

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Thank you, my sweet friend. I know you've been busy (I can feel the "stress fumes" all the way on the East Coast!) :-)

As of 3PM Eastern time, she is doing fine, is up and walking around (I can't help but getting a mental picture of Jack Nicholson in his hospital gown from "Something's Gotta Give"!). They're keeping her overnight of course and we'll be able to pick her up tomorrow after noon.
I actually have chicken breasts thawing in the fridge right now, so I might just do what you say with them.... it would be a nice little treat for her (and Ruby).

Thanks again for your prayers, and warm wishes - you are a peach!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Thank you darling.
And yes, Bob Barker called this morning to express his thanks as well. :-)