Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gov. Blagojevich.... What a (bleeping) jerk.

This still really shocks me, that a SITTING governor, in our GREAT country, was arrogant enough.... (not to mention CORRUPT enough) to think he could get away with this.


dons_mind said...

welllllll remember now - we're talking about chicago and illinois politics - - historically speaking the seat of pay-to-play politics and corruption by the democrats. daly used to brag that there was no political office that he couldn't buy...

i will grant you that this particular corruptor is pretty brazen about it and deserves to be put out to pasture. be interesting to watch as this unfolds though and see who all ends up involved.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

The day this story was breaking my Dad came over to take me to lunch and on the way I was expressing my shock over this and he said to me "Toot" (that's his nickname for me), "Toot, Chicago politicians have been corrupt since WELL before you were born. This is nothing new, but it sounds like this one was definitely a bit more arrogant than most of them."

I guess I'm still just a bit idealistic and believe that a public servant should be JUST THAT... a public servant. (and not a "bleepedy bleep"!)