Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Open Letter to Jason Mesnick, a/k/a "The Bachelor"

Dear Jason,
Initially I was swayed by your smile, your handsome face, your intelligence and your charm.
And yes, I gave you my unidivided attention every Monday night for several weeks.

But after last night, you have incurred my wrath (as well as the wrath of millions of American women.)

YOU, Jason, are a CAD. Or, to use the vernacular of a time gone by... a SCOUNDREL.

Truly, Jason, had these women been smarter, they should have had the FIRST Mrs. Mesnick on the show. They should have requested FULL DISCLOSURE from her. Maybe then they would have found out how astoundingly selfish, egocentric and immature you are! (Did I also mention commitment-phobic? ..... and a womanizer?)

Anyway, Jason, I really wish I could chalk up your behavior last night to being youthful and impetuous but you're, what.... 33 now? Old enough to know better.

My parting advice: Wipe away those alligator tears and GROW UP. BE A MAN. Stand by your decisions. (You're setting a horrible example for your son, by the way.)


Happy Wife (who is THANKFULLY married to a NON-Cad)


Dawn said...

i have been a bachelor fan for forever... but after last night (which i already knew about) i think i am done. forever. it was always what i considered a guilty pleasure... but this over the top drama just made me a little sick. the whole deanna thing, and what it was made to look like in the "coming up"... and his whole cake and eat it to attitude! would i have been so upset if he had originally chosen molly? was it because i really liked melissa? i don't know. but i am done. really. (please remind me of this when the next season starts!!)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

This was actually the FIRST time I'd ever watched The Bachelor... and I was really into it! Until last night. I was FURIOUS... and I mean FURIOUS about how the whole thing panned out. I realize relationships don't work out, but for Jason to break up with Melissa publicly (and basically humiliate her) is unforgivable. And then for him to go back to Molly was just..... sleazy.
Jason is an emotional CHILD. I feel sorry for any woman who does wind up marrying him.

karengberger said...

I quit watching years ago, after Trista & Ryan hooked up & spent gobs of money on themselves (& their wedding). This show seems to reward awful behavior. And a person who "needs" that kind of "help" to find love is a question mark, to me. Isn't everyone on the show an attention-junkie? Or looking for his/her 15 mins. of fame? I'm no expert, but I don't see that as a good foundation for a relationship! I'm glad that the show gave you renewed appreciation for Hubs.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Great letter...I hope he gets it.
the drama on this show is just too much. this is the first season in years that I have watched...I want to throw up every time I hear Chris say: "the most dramatic...blah blah blah..."
Gag me with a rose.
Molly is an idiot to take him back. A real twit.
I wish we could hear from his ex...wonder what she has to say about him!! She must be tied up somewhere.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

"Gag me with a rose".... LOL.. very cute. :)

dons_mind said...

wow...makes me happy i watch how i married your mother and chlarie sheen's show - - i need laughter more than fury............ :)

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Well written. I actually chose to watch the Bachelor last night over sleep. Shame on me. I had heard all of the rumors floating around that he was going to dump Melissa for Molly and I just couldn't believe it. I went from loving him to being so over him in one fell swoop. I thought Melissa handled herself very well especially for being humiliated on television. I'm so disgusted at the moment I can't imagine watching another season of the Bachelor.

Your letter was great. Spot on.

ChiTown Girl said...

Did anyone see him last night on Jimmy Kimmel? Jimmy had me laughing out loud at my TV!! According to Jason, it was part of his contract to keep EVERYTHING public, and not to do ANYTHING in private which is why he HAD to break up with Melissa on TV. I LOVE that ABC allowed her "You are such a bastard!!" to be played without editing! He says that he and Molly are very happy. I wonder what Part 2 is about then, tonight. Jimmy came right out and asked if Part 2 was to say that he and Molly are now broken up, but Jason said no. We'll see...

Mama Bee said...

Great letter! I too was moved in to writing an open letter to Jason on my blog! (www.momtobee.com) You think he'll read them?

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Mama Bee - LOVED your letter!

Pumpkin Delight said...

Sorry that I haven't been by sooner but I didn't watch it last night. All day I've been saying, "No, no, don't say anything, la la la, I didn't watch it yet, don't tell me what happened. I just got home a little while ago to get caught up. Seriously? What the heck with that? From day 1, what have I said about these shows? TRAINWRECK and he is the epitome of that, for sure!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Could you BELIEVE it? I think the women of American are going to pummel him on the street with rotten tomatoes. And he DESERVES it.

OK, I need to move on to more positive postings now. :)

Laurie Brandriet Keller said...

What a goof ball. And that outfit he has on in the pic you posted is so gross. I'm over him. Actually, I was just never that in to him !