Friday, September 12, 2008

Black? or White?

UPDATE: We're going with gray (Michele, I didn't even think about how the color setup would affect you... I'm sorry. I will remove the black background and the white wording. )

Suz - where do I get the cute wallpaper - can I get purple and green polka dots?
I think I'm getting giddy. Time for this girl to go to bed.

I don't know.... what do y'all think? I'm taking a poll...
Which looks better?
Or should I get some of that cute wallpaper stuff that Suz has? (Suz is the interior decorator. In real-life AND in blog-life, too....)


Rebeckah said...

I like black better. I think. I go back and forth : )! I know this great web page designer if you are ever interested. Her name is Ragan. She is amazing! I think it only costs $20. I am saving up every night. Gary says he thinks it is funny to save all my change and we can afford $20 but I said I will appreciate it more if I save for it : )! Oh, and the black and white stuff is hot!

Sugar said...

Black is hard on the eyes. I use black for my photo blog, but that's only because it has the look of a dark room. What about a color? Something not too dark or bright or distracting.

I've actually been toying with doing something like this: Love the look. Love the different colored columns. Just love it...

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Um... photographs look really smart on black!
White writing looks icky on black... unless it's shorter sentences, then hey it's awesome... but if it's longer writing paragraphs then it starts to become harder to adjust on the eyes to read but then it's only my opinion. I cannot read white on black because of my seizure disorder so I often subscribe to those blogs on the RSS Feeds so I don't miss out on the blogs so either way you go, my friend, I will NOT miss out on your posts one way or another!

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments... you are a breath of fresh air!! =)

Suz said...

I agree with the other ladies. I like black, it makes a statement. But I think White is easier to know that some of us (NOT Rebeckah) have older eyes and the white background is easier to read off of.
But really, I redecorate weekly around the house, so changing the blog is just an extension of that. Do what feels good now, you don't have to "marry" anything....'cept the hubby.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

No hey! It's ok really... I still could get get you on RSS Feeds if you really had your heart set on the black on white! ... honestly!
It's all good!