Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Milky Way Over Ontario (a/k/a More Amazing Natural Beauty)

This is a real picture... it's not retouched. It's from a NASA website that has absolutely amazing photos.

My second choice of a photo from this site to post for today was of an eclipse over the Great Wall of China. Another really cool photo. (Click on the link above - go to Archives, and it was on 8/31/08...)

I'm in daily awe of God's amazing creation.
Just think: He created all THIS and yet, the Word tells us that each hair upon our head is numbered.... how's THAT for mind-boggling?
So cool.....


Suz said...

That does not even look real.

Anonymous said...

Really? That is KEWL! I need to show to my boys. They will love it!

Laurie Keller said...

That is fabulous. And so is Diva the snapping turtle lab going after the hot and spicy stuff! Thanks for the laugh, girlfriend. Love you!

Deron Arnold said...

How can an astronomer not believe in God?

Space really blows my mind. And God is so much bigger and more complex!