Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Stuff, Day 3 (We're on a Roll Now...)

Today was The Day: I had the meeting with the batallion of teachers at J's school today.

And it went..... GREAT!

The teachers thanked me for being a "proactive Mom" and for really caring about my son (it didn't dawn on me that there are parents who truly don't care, and who truly don't want to be bothered..... but that's for another post, and another day. )
Each of the 5 teachers present (the Art teacher couldn't come) told me, quite clearly...

"J is a GOOD KID. Lots of kids just starting 6th grade are going through these 'adjustment woes', and it's reflected in their grades. The majority of these problems are due to poor study skills, lack of organization, and being overwhelmed due to the massive transition from elementary school to middle school." (Those weren't the exact words of course, but that's the gist of the meeting....)

We came up with several specifics to help him (which I won't detail here), but suffice it to say, we worked together as a TEAM and I feel MUCH better. Everyone is VERY positive about J., and about his ability to succeed.

I left the meeting feeling even more positive than I did when I went in (which was already pretty positive.)

I was ready to jump up, click my heels together, go into the cafeteria and order a round of Chocolate Milk for everyone! :-)


Suz said...

I am so happy to hear this.
A good way to start your weekend.
Take care

Sugar said...

THAT IS SO GREAT! You're a good mom. Good for you and your son. It's going to be a great year!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora HWHL,
Good on ya. Sometimes just demonstrating you care can influence the results. My oldest boy was much the same, we just adjusted many little things and didn't make a huge deal about the whole picture and things came right. This parenting thing is a strange road sometimes, thanks for sharing.

Louise said...

Sooooo happy for you and all your family that it went even better than you hoped. It WILL work out. If they are willing, and you are OBVIOUSLY willing, it will definitely be OK in the end.

Anonymous said...


Such a relief and so happy to hear!

Now, my son is in the sixth grade, but still in an elementary school. Next year he will be in a middle school environment.

ANY tips you can share with me will be greatly appreciated! I have already heard horrow stories from other Moms about not being told what their child's grades are, and basically, just being kept out of the loop!

So, when you figure all this out, please share! =)

Rebeckah said...

So funny : ) I think the kids would think you were WIERD if you ordered them all chocolate milk : ) or maybe cool!

I know you are already making sure that J knows he is smart and he will be able to work thru this and every kid is NOT academically gifted, blah, blah, blah. I just don't want him to think he isn't smart. Kaish always feels that way and it is so discouraging. Everyone does NOT have to be a rocket scientist, right?

dons_mind said...

middle school IS a big change and adjustment for kids. J will work it out - he seems like a smart kid..and he's got great parents helping him out'll be a great year...

Boquinha said...

Yay! I'm very happy for you. Your feeling says it all. Congratulations!

Dawn said...

I am so thankful that your meeting went so well! It is so sad to realize that there are parents out there who couldn't be bothered to do a quarter of what you were willing to do for your son. (I try to remember that on days when I feel like I have been an awful Mom!) I know the relief you feel in your heart... the smile that glides across your face... and the peace it brings to beable to have a soluntion ionthe works. Go TEAM!