Friday, September 5, 2008

Sunrise on Tybee Island

I hope you can click on this photo and make it bigger... there's some good detail to it that doesn't show up in the "small" version.
Here's what I remember most about taking it..... it was Fall (last year) and very chilly out. The water was a very dark gray ("gunmetal gray" I call it...) and the sand was cold on my toes, and very very soft. Almost like sugar. It felt fabulous.

The morning was so lovely and tranquil. The definition of PEACE.

Not a human soul on the beach, except me. The BEST time to have communion (and no, I'm not talking about bread and wine...) with my Maker.

I loved it.
Thank you, God, for the magnificent creation you gave us.
(And I'm sorry we frequently trash the beautiful world you gave us....)


Suzanne said...

That is beautiful and it does give you (me) the feeling of peace.
How can someone NOT think that God made all that beauty????

Louise said...

How lucky you were to be alone on this beach at sunrise. Such a beautiful picture.

Jason said...

Nobody but you. Wow. Amazing.