Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman (Jan. 26, 1925 - Sept. 26, 2008)

Goodbye to a fabulously talented, funny, smart, philanthropic, and yes, INCREDIBLY SEXY man.

Paul Newman, you were a REAL man and will be terribly missed.

Today's crop of spoiled-brat actors could definitely learn a thing or two from you.

Thank you for the wonderful movies you left us with.

May you rest in peace.


D'Arcy said...

Wow, so sad. I don't listen to any news on the weekend, so I totally missed this.

He was a great guy!!

Suz said...

I agree, he was a special guy.
Not to be replaced.

dons_mind said...

absolutely....what a many wonderful movies - - i think The Sting is probably my all time favorite of the con! he will surely be missed....

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Another thing that impressed me about him (well, 2 things ...) that he shunned the "Hollywood scene") and that he stayed monogamously married (by all accounts) to JoAnne Woodward for 50 years.

Like I said, Hollywood's "A list" of today could definitely learn quite a bit by emulating him.

He was a great guy.