Saturday, September 27, 2008

Something TRULY Newsworthy

Courtesy of Gustav from 9Worlds....
(who always has wonderful, profound thoughts...)

Thank you, Gustav!


Boquinha said...

Beautiful! Wonderful! Thank you for calling our attention to this. I'm following suit and passing it along as well. Thanks for the great idea!

karengberger said...

Again I say, AMEN, Sister. You have posted some real TRUTH, in my opinion. I agree wtih him, and am tired of the manipulation of the public in the press. We are able to stand up to it (for example, we can limit our intake of commercial TV and the bombardment of commercials that it brings into our homes). In general, commercial TV is exhausting and low-brow. It is manipulative, and and its purpose seems to be to "sell" something most of the time. I'd rather take a walk or read, or write! Bless you for looking for the good, and posting it.