Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Admit It....I Was Sucked In...

Yeah, that's right. Y'all know exactly what I'm referring to.

The season premiere of "The Bachelor".
Total drivel, I know. But that Jason is awfully cute....

I was only going to watch the first 5 minutes or so, but I couldn't turn it off.
(And I can't ever get those two hours back, now, can I?!)

But hey, there were some positives. My 11 year old daughter came wandering in the room and there were definitely some "teach-able moments" about dating that I could share with her, like:

  • Don't dress like these girls... there's really no reason to show your boobs. Leave something to the imagination.
  • Don't be catty and competitive with other girls when it comes to guys. Tacky, tacky, tacky.
  • Let the guy do the pursuing.... ultimately, guys really DO want to pursue the girl.

    and, the big one,
  • DON'T act like Megan did. A "potty mouth" is a big turn off to most guys. They had to *BLEEP* out much of what Megan said at the end of the show. Trashy. (If I were Jason, I would have "repo-ed" the rose I had given her, just because she was SUCH an unpleasant person there at the end...).


karengberger said...

You, Smileygirl, BusyBeeSuz and Just Believe should make an online group about The Bachelor. You were apparently all on the same channel last night!
(I quit watching this series after Trista and Ryan got together...I'm really "out of date." HA! Don't you love puns?)

Anonymous said...

Who didn't watch??? It WAS entertaining, wasn't it???


Busy Bee Suz said...

I watched the first hour. Short attention span problem. I will get up to date when he has less girls to choose from. Yeah, potty mouth on a woman (or man) is pretty yucky.

Super Nova said...

I was reading literature:)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I should have been doing the same, my dear.... (and am now hanging my head in shame....) LOL. ;-)

Pumpkin Delight said...

I had a moment of panic this morning when I woke up and saw that my DVR hadn't recorded it, but thankfully I was able to catch the first episode online, phew!
What did "she" (I can't ever remember their names until it's like down to 4) say when she cursed at the others for voting her.
Also, don't fret over the lost two hours (if you record it, it's only an hour and 15 minutes) because it's ok to indulge a little every-so-often.
Are you going back and change your answer on my poll? :)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Pumpkin, I think Megan called the other girls "F**king B**ches" at the end. It was a "less than lovely" moment, to be certain. Jason even looked quite pained.

And the crazy thing is she's a physically very lovely girl, but her attitude and potty mouth make her VERY ugly...

Anonymous said...

for every drop dead gorgeous women in the world there is some man, some where, that is tired of her sh!t.

anon anne

Dawn said...

ahhh... my guilty pleasure! i don't know why this show sucks me in, but it does!! i suppose they use the last one to get their heart broken on purpose... so we all need to keep watching! thank goodness for tivo!