Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Gasoline, this morning, is selling for $1.96 a gallon at the station I fill up at.
Six WEEKS ago, there was a MAJOR gas shortage in Atlanta and if you were lucky enough to FIND gas, it was over $4 a gallon. How does a price on something swing THAT wildly in 6 weeks? Yo no comprende.

My 50 lb Chocolate Lab puppy Diva came "this" close to getting on the school bus this morning with my son. He had to run down the street to catch his bus and she somehow managed to wiggle out the door and run after him (she LOVES kids and is VERY excited by the whole kids + school bus thing that happens every morning). She was in FULL GALLOP towards the bus, and I had to run after her in my NYU sweatshirt and pajama pants (and bare feet) to stop her.... QUITE the spectacle, I can assure you.....

I found an unused 1 hour Swedish Massage gift certificate (from last Christmas!) yesterday while cleaning (see, there IS something positive to be gained by cleaning!) It's at a very fancy spa here in Atlanta, so I'm going to treat myself next week!


Jason, as himself said...

1. $1.96? WHAT?
2. I can just picture you running down the street in your jammies and bare feet, chasing the dog who is chasing the bus!
3. Found massage? Lucky butt! Four years ago I gave Giancarlo a spa gift certificate for a massage and a few months ago I found it in a drawer..unused! Can you even imagine?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't understand the gas thing either...it just does not make sense. I paid 2.19 yesterday and was very happy about it. For a while there I could not even fill up my yukon with $100.00. Now, it is going down so fast I only get a 1/2 a tank each time.
Wish I had a video of you chasing the dog in your pjs. ;)
The spa certificate....sounds lovely. Do it before they go out of business. (our new motto w/ gift cards around here)

karengberger said...

You have had an exciting day already! I don't get the gas prices, either. Methinks I smell a rat, or perhaps I'm being too cynical.
Love the image of Diva going to school, like Mary's little lamb, with you in hot pursuit. Wish someone had a video of that. Maybe that would make a good children's book?
The massage gift certificate "find" is a wonderful story. Maybe we should hide things like that in our kids' bedrooms? Would be more open to cleaning? Nah...at least, not my son. God bless you.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Jason - I know - a buck ninety six! I'm sure you're paying a lot more in SoCal, yes?! Also, I REALLY wish someone had filmed me chasing the dog in my jammies. It would be "AFV" material for sure!

Suz - you're absolutely right about gift certs. Just this week Circuit City AND Linens-n-Things (2 big retailers here) are going belly up. I won't be buying gift certs/cards for Christmas, that's for sure! Too risky!

Karen - that's a great thought about the children's book - hmmmm.... perhaps I should go with that idea! :-)

Boquinha said...

I love random thought posts. And am so happy for you about your massage!

Anonymous said...

$1.96?! holy cow... might be worth the cross country drive. lol

how many times have we all chased the dog bare foot?

and unn, found ANYTHING is awesome... I love doing the laundry for people that forget to take money out of pockets. And I always flaunt it... look how much money I made today doing laundry... I always hear a hey, that's mine! But I have no sympathy... umm, no, see who's hand it is in? That would mean it's mine, you should pay attention to your money.

Dawn said...

what a morning! chasing after the bus in you pj's, then unearthing a wonderful certificate!! have a great day!