Thursday, July 3, 2008

Atlanta's Drought Crisis

This is Lake Lanier. This used to be a "boater's paradise". As you can see, due to the drought, there isn't a whole lot of boating going on now. Lake Lanier is also Atlanta's main supply of drinking water. The metro Atlanta area has a population of 5 million + people, and it's growing every day.

The lake has never been this low. Ever.

I have lived in Atlanta for many years, and have seen many droughts, but never anything of this magnitude. To say it's bad is an understatement.

Our local and state are busy bickering and pointing fingers about it and they aren't taking any real conservation measures to conserve and use wisely what we do have.
(Sonny Perdue, WAKE UP please!)


Anonymous said...

if we'd stop worrying about the friggin mussels in Apalachcola Bay we wouldnt be in this condition.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Very true. In my most humble opinion, human life (and the water needed to sustain such) is substantially more important than the life of a certain species of rare shellfish hundreds of miles away....

D'Arcy said...

It's so hard to see Mother Earth so thirsty and suffering. When she isn't right, it affects the rest of us so much.

Lisa Yik the Chick said...

Hey there. I'm Carin's cousin so I stumbled onto your blog from her's. I hope you don't mind, but I read your profile and we must be soul sisters or something. I love so many of the same books and music as you!! Just a neat coincidence. Have a great day and thanks for letting me (as if you had a choice) stop in for a quick visit. --Lisa

suz said...

This is so sad. I hate it.
We have had a good amount of rain here, but still considered low for us.
I wish I could send up some to you....have you tried a rain dance?