Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Breaking News: The TOOTH Report

OK, for all of you who are waiting with baited breath for the TOOTH REPORT, here it is:
After 2 xrays, and multiple other tests, my dentist (who is quite cute) was completely baffled. No cavity, no abcess, no crack, and no sign of trauma. The tooth was very clearly sensitive to pressure and cold, however the "root cause" (bad pun - sorry) remains undetermined.

My dentist did "reduce my bite" with some little weird drill-type machine. He then sent me home, told me to take Ibuprofen as needed for pain and call him if it still was hurting at the end of the week.

And, actually it already feels better.

Weird, huh?

However, I am just THRILLED that I didn't have to have a root canal. That was my Big Fear.


suz said...

I have actually had this happen before too. Quite the mystery.
I hope you stay pain free.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

YAY... glad all is well and you are feeling so much better... that's great news.

Sugar said...

I think you just needed an excuse to have a cute guy snap on a set of rubber gloves for you. I see how you are, Mrs. I-Love-My-Hubster... haha ;)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Suz, Maybe I can go on the next Dr. Phil show with my 'mystery ailment'.... seems he's into that lately. Did you see it yesterday with the woman whose uterus FELL OUT OF HER BODY and yet she won't have surgery??? Hello?! I'm sure the OB/GYN on the show wanted to smack some sense into her. (It was very clear this woman thrived on the drama and the attention her condition was getting her...)

Such weirdos in the world... and they ALL wind up on daytime talk shows.... (speaking of which, Suz, when do we get to the next episode in your Life Story....?????)

D'Arcy said...

That is mysterious.

I was waiting on baited breath...feels good to breathe again.

Hot dentists and doctors are the worse, they just don't see you at your prettiest! My friend had a dentist who carved his initials into every filling that he did. She had to get 5 that day. So weird!!

My ear doctor is very hot. So hot that I try to not be in as much pain when I see him so I can look cool. However, before I got tubes it was pretty bad pain. So sweet little me who tried to never complain finally lost it.

"How is the pain level?"

"Doctor, it feels like I am trying to give birth through my ear canals."

He looked so shocked and then just started laughing! He said that was the best thing he'd ever heard in his profession. I blushed like a school girl (wait, I WAS a school girl) and I thought, ah, see, now he will always remember me!!


Anonymous said...

That is interesting.

But did you know that sometimes tooth pain can be all sinus related???

Just an FYI to fuel my hypochondria.