Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So..... What DO You Do?

I'm curious.... what is it that you do?
Yes, I know, in our heart-of-hearts, we're all writers, photographers, painters, artists, etc. (I think blogging really attracts those of us who are 'right-brain-dominant'...)

However, what do you do that makes you MONEY? And, do you like it?
Also, what is your dream job? (ie if you won the lotto tonight and could do something that you LOVED, regardless of how much money it made you, what would it be?)

I will start:

I'm a recruiter (that's the polite way of saying "headhunter"). :-) I recruit in the field of my specialty (Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance). I love my job when I'm making money (since it's 100% commission!) and I also love it when I help someone land a great job. I also like the fact that I work for myself. I don't love my job when I put a lot of work into something and it falls apart (this has happened a lot this Summer). But, that's part of the job.
If I won the lotto, I would probably become an elementary school librarian.... I love to read, and I love little kids and their love of learning (and the fact that they're not yet JADED!)

OK, now your turn - tell me what you do currently - and what you'd LOVE to do! :-)


Maggie said...

Oddly enough someone asked me that question the other day...what would I do if I didnt have to worry about about money? I honestly couldnt answer and it has been bothering me ever since. Does that mean I dont know myself very well/anymore? I think so. I need to do some soul searching.

suz said...

My question is: what don't we do?
Ok, that is not what you asked.
Well currently, I am the "Supreme Commander of Domestic Affairs".
That is what is on my business cards. (thanks to Coach)
But, it does not pay well.
I occasionaly work in our store that we are 1/2 owners in. This was a pure investment, not meant for me to "have" a job.
I sometimes ponder going back to work full time and this completley shocks Coach. I must blog about this....
My dream job: Decorating. Design. Or even Re-designing for people who don't know how to put their living spaces together. I also can organize the crap out of anything. Quite a natural at that too.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I LOVE your business cards.... I remember when you first told me about them - Coach is SOOO creative (and clearly adores you). You DID already hit the Lotto honey! (with your hubby and family life!!) :-)

One day, when I have plenty of surplus cash, I would love to have you be my interior designer. I am so woefully UNSKILLED in this area..... I seriously would love to have you do that!!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Maggie - but what do you DO?? :-)

Dawn said...

funny... that your dream job is the one i just lost (okay, not that funny, since i absolutely loved it!) now i am an office manager... i'm only 3 days in, so i can't tell you much! but so far, so good!

lizziebelle said...

i am an asset manager. i maintain inanimate successor borrowers for a holding company. it is hell and i actually want to work as a recruiter for a large bank or law firm but am too scared in this job market to make the transition. i am a pansy and thinking about my resume gives me anxiety dreams.

im lame

Deron Arnold said...

I'm currently a pathologist. My dream job would be United States President or a Supreme Court Justice. I sometimes think the country would be doing so great if everyone just listened to me :)

More realistically, I would like to be a dermatologist or gastroenterologist.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora HWHL,
I am an account rep, so I sell stuff really. I have been doing it so long I simply go through the motions to be honest. But it brings in the dough, company car - which is a huge perk in a country where gas is over two dollars per litre, or roughly 8 bucks plus US dollars per gallon. Two years ago Tara and I made a plan, as she was completely stagnating in her job. So she now works with drug and alcohol dependent people in an assisted living environment while attending university full time studying pshycology. When she graduates, and on big bucks, I will go back to school to get my teaching certificate, which will take only a year as I already have my degree. Then we plan to move to the live beneath the mountains out in the country. So my dream is to teach, and hopefully develop a program where I could take at risk young men into the mountains and have them connect to the natural world. Good post, kia ora!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I love your dream job! And I love the fact that Tara has a job that "makes a difference" too - that's really really cool!

Lizziebelle - you're not lame - don't give up on your dreams. It took me a LONG time to make the leap from Corporate America into recruiting. Keep moving forward - you'll get there.

I love my dermatologist - ironically, she's one of the most glamorous women I know (isn't that nuts?!) she's a mother of 4, very attractive, VERY intelligent, and just seems to have it all together. Regardless, I think it's great you work in the 'healing industry'.

I love hearing what people do for a living - so interesting!

KingdomWriter said...

I must say I really like what I do, working as a massage therapist in a busy clinic. It is very rewarding to see a chage in peoples physical state as well as mental after a session. It is a nice thing to give to someone.
But if I won lotto? Hmm, I would love to work with some mission overseas,for example, if money wasn't an issue.
I also wished I had trained differently, perhaps as a physio or a nurse,
which would have been a helpful skill to have now, to reach more people.
I also like teaching, and thought about Physical Ed teaching with kids.
But time is ticking... And the past is gone, and I'm not really old but one can't help thinking'what if...'
So I am doing post grad study next
year in sports massage to branch out a bit. Which will do for now.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

A massage therapist is a wonderful job.... people are so HAPPY to see you and you make them feel so GOOD! I think that might be a "lotto" job for me! :-)

ophelia rising said...

I'm a freelance writer, but would love to be a novelist - or a musician. Or an actress on Broadway. But, let's be realistic, right?

I'll settle for a novelist, at this point, and leave it at that! :)

Rick said...

If I won the lottery I would build a sod house in the middle of a great big field and go live in it.