Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mr. Bear's BlogLand Screen Debut

My daughter, S., is a HUGE ham. She loves to perform, be goofy and make people laugh. (I have NO IDEA where she got this from..... wink wink.) :-)

Anyway, tonight after dinner, she said "Mom, I want you to put a video of me doing Mr. Bear's voice on your blog". (Mr. Bear is the "most treasured" stuffed animal in our house.)

Below is the video.


suz said...

Oh my gosh...quite the ham Little bear is. :)
S. is adorable. very cute.
Soon she will have her own blog with an audience I am sure.
Thanks for sharing. :)
have a good weekend.

Anne hearts Jackie said...

I would like to hear more about these terrible dreams Mr Bear is having; specifically about bad honey. Is the honey in a jar? in the pantry? in the fridge or still in the honeycomb?

D'Arcy said...

That's awesome. I will admit this only to you (and to all the people who read your blog) that I got stuck in this weird motel in Amsterdam, complete with 20 odd stuffed animals on some random couch. My friend and I made a whole video late one night....reenacting all the weird and funny things that happened to us on that trip. It's now one of my favorite things. Ham it up!!