Wednesday, July 9, 2008

That Wild Little Diva-Dog is SO worn out....

She is passed out under the kitchen table as I type this. I just tried to gently shake her awake to go out and pee, but she is 'dead to the world' as they say.

S. had 2 little rambunctious girlfriends over from 4 - 8 this afternoon, and these 3 girls EACH had more energy than Diva, but BOY did that puppy give her ALL to try to keep up with them. They had her running up and down the stairs, playing fetch in the backyard, running in and out of the kiddie pool (which now has several Puppy Puncture marks...) and attacking an old Barney & Baby Bop stuffed animal set.

And now Diva is all tuckered out. (To be honest, I'm enjoying the peace....)

I told Hubster we should probably take her for an evening walk around 10:30 to make SURE she stays worn out for the whole night.

Diva is literally growing by the day (visibly) at this point. Every morning she looks just a bit bigger to me. Chloe (our dear departed Black Lab, who we had from 1993 to 2005) was a Big Girl, weighing in at 90 lbs.... Diva may not be quite that big (Chloe was an exceptionally large female), but I think she'll probably be around 75 or 80 lbs.

I'll put some new pictures up her blog soon.

But tonight, I'm looking forward to at least 6 or 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep - hooray!!

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