Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Sense of Smell is No Longer Offended....

So, last night, I was meeting with my small group, and we were meeting at Ginger's house.

It was a beautiful warm and breezy evening in Atlanta and Ginger has a lovely screened in porch which overlooks her lovely backyard, so that's where we decided to have our meeting.
We were all talking, sharing our week, our challenges, our triumphs, the ways we see God at work around us, and all of a sudden, one of Ginger's 3 dogs (who had been playing quietly in the far recesses of her backyard) came up, squatted right next to the porch, and took a huge, steaming dump right there.

A little bit of a buzzkill as far as the "mood" was concerned.

What struck me as so funny is all the women in my group acted like they were suffocating from the smell and, to be honest, I barely even noticed.

Clearly I've been dealing with Lots Of Poo lately.....


karengberger said...

There are several great things in this post, for me. ONE is your honesty; TWO is your unpretentiousness; THREE is your sense of humor about the mood being lost. You probably "got more good out of the poo" than anyone else there, because you didn't fight it; you accepted it and turned it into "compost." A great lesson for all of us.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Awww. Karen, you are so sweet!
Big hug to you - thanks!

suz said...

This is funny. I can smell it across the yard...but hey what are you going to do?
you really must be getting used to it...silly. You SHOULD put it in your compost if you have enough. your grass will look even better. :)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Our backyard is pretty big, and a good bit of it is heavily wooded, but Diva feels the need to poo right next to the deck so yes, apparently I'm getting very accustomed to the "aroma", shall we say???

Hubster wants to put LIME on it to make it break down faster but I really think with dogs and kids that CHEMICALS are probably not the best thing. I'm thinking of handing each of the kids a pooper scooper and telling them to "fling it into the woods". They're still young enough where they'll think that's cool (or maybe I'm kidding myself with that assumption....) LOL.