Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is it Just Me, or is Suze Orman Mean?

I'm watching Oprah, and Suze Orman is being really mean to Oprah's guests. The topic today is debt, and these couples have been brave enough to come on national TV and admit they're in debt (one couple is $300,000 in debt - student loans and credit cards combined!) and Suze is raking them over the coals!

I'm all about getting out of debt, but I much prefer the Dave Ramsey approach. At least Dave treats folks with dignity and respect and educates them, rather than berates and belittles them.

Suze Orman is just plain mean. (Maybe she's related to Laura Schlessinger....)


Sugar said...

Okay, not a Dr. Laura fan... but seeing two past generations of women screw up their finances, I have to say that Suze Orman falls under the "tough love" category. If you hear her personal story about how she got to where she is, you will hear her criticism in a whole new light. She doesn't care if you like her. She just cares that you get your shit straight.

Kinda like parenting teenagers :)

Boquinha said...

OOooh, thanks for the Ramsey link--that's new to me. They all have excellent advice and it's all fairly similar, but yeah, I don't get into the berating. I can't stand Dr. Laura. And Ann Coulter is just vile. :P

Jason said...

Oh, Dr. Laura IS mean. I like Suze WAY better than her, and the "tough love" describtion from sugar is accurate. I agree with boquinha, too, that Ann Coulter IS just vile.

I guess I just agree with everyone today.

D'Arcy said...

Debt is Serious! You have to kick butt to kick debt!

I think that is her mantra anyway. Yeah, she's all about the tough part...even if she hasn't tapped into the love yet.