Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it Autumn Yet???

Today it was 97 degrees here. High humidity - no rain. Code Orange smog alert.
Yesterday it was 96 degrees here. High humidity - no rain. Code Red smog alert.

I love Summer.... I love shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, the fact that we can go swimming until 9 PM at the neighborhood pool, but damn. Enough already. Uncle.

I'm ready for a crisp cool morning. (Doesn't that stream look refreshing?) I want to be able to put flannel sheets on the beds, and when I wake up, be excited about a hot cup of coffee (versus a cold bottle of Mountain Dew!)

It doesn't begin to cool off in Atlanta until late September/early October (sometimes even later).... so we're looking at a good two more months of this heat!

I'll just gaze at this picture when I need a break... . :-)


suz said...

Yes, I am ready for fall. will be mid DECEMBER before I feel it.
I can't wait favorite time of year.

cjs said...

Oh, you've just whetted my appetite for the most wonderful time of the year!


Deron Arnold said...

We have a word for that kind of weather up here: Uffda!

Or when in the whole month of February it didn't get above 0 degrees: Uffda!

KingdomWriter said...

You know what? We should swop... We are in the middle of cold season here in NZ, waiting for another storm to hit. To 'hear' about T-shirts and shorts sounds sooooo nice. I don't do cold well (says the ex swede) mainly because our houses are so cold here. Everything is muddy and wet outside, buhu.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Yes, 101 yesterday and we are expecting the same today but we don't have the high humidity, just high heat and dry dry dry.... so you don't sweat at all. Thank God for air conditioning... LOL.

karengberger said...

It may be time for a trip to the Pacific NW one of these summers. We have cool nights, and the days are in the 70s to 80s. The mornings have been cloudy and cool for a few days, and the sun burns through in mid-day. It's a short summer, but it's pretty perfect. That is when most "foreigners" come for a visit, fall in love, and then move up's temperate all year, but you do have to learn to deal with the color GRAY. God bless you!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

That sounds LOVELY! Hubster's uncle lives in coastal Oregon and wouldn't consider living anywhere else. I think we may have to plan a little visit up that way! (Believe it or not, I have never been to the Pacific NW, although I have heard how gorgeous it is and how clean the AIR is.... hmmm.... we might just be one of those families that goes up there and decides to stay!) I'll keep you posted if/when we come, so we can meet - I would LOVE to give you a big hug in person! :-)