Monday, July 28, 2008

Inside An Oven, I Am...

The heat wave continues. Today was 93, high humidity, Code Orange smog alert (blech), gray haze, no breeze, just all around GROSS weather.

The weather has won. I am zapped.
I have so little energy, so little motivation, so little joie de vivre, etc.

I'm sure my husband is thinking "Where is that funny little woman I married?"
However, he's zapped too. His job requires him to be out in the heat..... (Whatever does Hubster do, you ask.....? Here's a hint: he wears cute brown shorts and drives a big brown truck.....)

Anyway, we're both OVER Summer.
Bring on Autumn!!!!


Boquinha said...

No! No no no! Summer is FLYING by! (I wouldn't mind slightly cooler weather, though). :P Stay cool! Can you go swimming some place?

Ruahines said...

Kia ora HWHL,
I just about choked on my coffee when that photo popped up. Thinking of my last week spent in the ice cold wind and snow laden mountains battling flooded rivers and seeing not one person. And I loved it. To see all those cars and smog and heat makes me realize how fortunate I really am. Never fear, autumn will be near. In the meantime, remain cool! Cheers.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Isn't that photo AWFUL?! Blech!
That is what Atlanta looks like during rush hour on a hot Summer afternoon!

Yes, consider yourself fortunate!!
I will come by your blog soon for a visit to live vicariously through your latest wildnerness adventures!

Yes we have a lovely neighborhood pool but when it is THIS hot (and the air quality is THIS bad) I don't like the kids to be outside too much... simply not healthy. Thanks for your concern though!

Boquinha said...

Oh duh, I just got the point of the post--(slow on the uptake today, I guess) . . . it's not just that it's hot. It's that dang pollution on top of it! Yeah, that REALLY stinks!

Deron Arnold said...

I feel for you guys. You could always come and live in Willmar. We have UPS, computers, internet, and smart phone technology.

Today we were at a nice 85, absolutely no smog. No traffic jams. However, we do have a turkey smell sometimes because we have a local turkey plant.

And you can really cool off in our -20 F winters!