Monday, July 21, 2008

Cute Cat Cartoon

Plagiarizing from the Always-Entertaining Smileygirl.... these kitty videos are so adorable (and oh-so-true if you've ever had a cat....)

Kind of like the moment in Shrek 2 when Puss-In-Boots is coughing up the hairball.... you could quickly tell the people in the theater who were "cat people" by how hard they were laughing (was that not THE most realistic animation of a hairball "experience"???)

Anyway, cute cartoon below. Enjoy.


suz said...

This is cute and funny.

Laurie Keller said...

I like this one even better, especially when the cat lifts his flesh up off of his face. I've got to post one now too!

Louise said...

I'm laughing very loud because I have a cat!

suz said...

I don't have your email address with me....I can't remember what it is. I need to find out about TK.
He is still pining away for you.
Email me..I can pick up mail. (I think) I just dont have my outlook mailbox up here in Mouse Town.

Sugar said...

Funny! My room mate last weekend was City Girls very hyper little kitten. I took some video on the phone... maybe I'll upload after I unpack. I finally posted a bit about BlogHer 08. Hope you check out all the links to the cool chicks I met. So hard to be home.

I got your message about Codependency No More. Yeah... it seems like the behavior of a nice person... until it goes over into that gray area... that's where the trap is. You have a good friend who gave you a very good book recommendation.