Friday, July 11, 2008

Do I Have Asthma? Or Is My Cough Due to a Surplus of Dog Fur?

Does anyone know if you can develop asthma in midlife?
I have had this weird, dry (slightly wheezy) cough all Summer.... I feel perfectly fine but have this weird cough. It's not all the time, but occasionally...

My Mom has asthma as does my son. I'm thinking maybe I'm developing it too.
Or maybe it's just the huge amount of animal fur in my house? (despite the constant vaccuuming....)

Anyway, whatdya think? Especially those of you with medical training - let me know! (Bella, my darling nurse friend - whatdya say? Boquinha - ask that doctor husband of yours if this is possible?)

I really hate to go to the doctor for something so trivial, especially since I feel fine.

Let's take a general concensus diagnosis here and I'll go with that, ok? :-)
(Next best thing to self-diagnosing via Web MD....) :-)


Deron Arnold said...

Happy Wife: Yes, you can develop asthma in the adult years. Alternatively you could be having allergies.

Might as well get it checked out.

amanda said...

A large number of my patients develop allergic asthma during their mid life. It probably does warrant a visit to the doctor, though.

Bella said...

You do realize you're asking a hypochondriac don't you???


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I haven't any medical training but I'm 40 and developed asthma... no one else in my family has it either... LOL... now I'm stuck on a Salbutamol puffer. Booooo... so yeh, you can get it in mid age according to my doc. Wish I had more encouraging news...
Good luck!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Thanks, guys! I think I probably should get it check out... just in case. Appreciate the advice!

Ruahines said...

Kia ora HWHL,
I moved to new Zealand in 1993 having never had experienced asthma in my 30 years living in the states. I had an attack where I thought I was dying of a heart attack or something within a few days of being here. Pollen, animal fluff and fur a biggie, and even damp weather can all activate it at any age. Get it checked, and probably very easily controlled, cause there is nothing worse than having it get bad. have alovely day.

Boquinha said...

How behind am I on blogging?! I see this post and I'm asking hubby . . . hubby says (we're instant messaging even though we're in teh same room :P), "Asthma could certainly develop later in life. Allergies and asthma are related and we commonly see allergies in asthma patients. Viral illnesses and allergic reactions are two of the most common asthmatic triggers. See your doctor, yadda yadda. One more thing, all that dog fur might be a huge trigger." How's that? Oh, and I'm adding that acupuncture can help if you don't want to do meds. Hope you're doing better! I've been reading about your tooth pain, too and it gives me hope since I've been having tooth pain since my cool dentist recently filled a cavity. I've gone back twice and it still hurts so he's going to drill it out and do it again. Here's hoping!