Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amanda, You Were Correct!

Update on the eye/contact DRAMA: the "goop" did work its magic overnight and at 4 in the morning I woke up to feel that contact had worked its way down, so I rushed into the bathroom and THERE IT WAS, waiting to be plucked out! (Which I did, and then THREW it on the floor and yelled at it, as though the contact had maliciously orchestrated the whole thing....)


Whew - happy to have that little bugger out of my eye!

Amanda - you get a gold star on your folder today and an extra cookie at snack time!


D'Arcy said...

as a fellow blind wearer of contacts I can totally sympathize!

I just read both these entries together and I have to say that our bodies are seriously AMAZING!!!!

I love goop!!

Suzanne said...

awesome. you are so funny, just what did you yell at the contact particle?
Glad all is well.
Amanda really is a nurse. :0

amanda said...


Louise said...