Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Wisdom of the Georgia DDS

My driver's license will be expiring on 8-31 (which also happens to be my birthday).

I got a letter in the mail yesterday stating I could renew my license online or by mail for a 10 year period for $30.

I appreciate the fact that they make it easy and painless to renew.

However, the problem is - the photo on my license was taken when I was 30 years old. I'm rapidly closing in on 41 and, as much as I would like to THINK that I'm stil the hot-young-thing that I was at 30, I'm just NOT. But, apparently that doesn't bother the Georgia DDS. Oh, heavens no. They're willing to let me renew for 10 MORE years with the same photo! So that means I'll be pushing 51 years old, with the photo of a 30 year old me on my license.

Now how stupid is that.

(And the sad thing is - I'm vain and shallow enough to consider it.....) :-)


dons_mind said...

i was thinking as i read the post - now that's definitely a female logic at work - a guy? who cares - we'd have renewed without even thinking about it. :) just shows one of the differences in thought processes between men and women....

besides, if ya looked good at 31 and 41, 51 is a guaranteed hottie!

suz said...

This is funny. I remember when we were in AZ the timeline was something crazy like 30 years. Can you imagine?
My kids could use my ID for a fake one.

D'Arcy said...

It's the same in Utah! my DL picture is from when I was 25 and I was just able to renew it until I am 40.


So good chatting with you!!!

Louise said...

Vain and shallow? I would call it convenience. But I'm really surprised at this because where I live (and I THOUGHT it was everywhere), they are even changing the way pictures are taken so you look like YOU. Hair back and no glasses. (Thank goodness mine doesn't expire for quite some time.)

But if they offered me such a cheap price to not have to wait in a line, I'd be ALL over that!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Awww.... Don, you are my New Best Friend! :-)

Actually, I just got back from getting it renewed. Everyone in the state was there. And the PEOPLE watching simply CAN'T be beat! :-)

(Not to mention the folks who work there.... boy do they love their job or.... NOT.) :-)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Oh yes - and btw - because I don't wear makeup anymore (almost never) - the license picture on my "new" license looks COMPLETELY different than the "old" 30 year old me (back when I wouldn't DREAM of leaving the house without makeup and hair "just so"....)


I joke about being vain and shallow, but really I have come a LONG way in that department... thankfully!

Jason said...

Well, if they're okay with it then you should be too. Unless you think it might cause you problems, like people not believing that it really is your ID.

Georgia Drivers Ed said...

Well, if you are ok with it? then just renew it online with that 30yrears old hot young photo.... Unless you think it might cause you problems just go to your nearest (DDS)put a request of change photo.....