Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cheerleading Humor, Part II

As I mentioned before in this blog, my sweet, smart, funny, and all-around great 10 year old daughter is doing Cheerleading this year. (This is after multiple years of me saying "No way!" "Are you KIDDING me?" and "Heck NO, I'm not spending that kind of money for you to jump up and down and wave pom-poms!"

ANYWAY. As I mentioned, it has been with great trepidation and indigestion that I've signed her up for this. AND I've already irritated the coach, because I had the nerve to go out of town on the first "mandatory" Saturday practice, thus causing my daughter to miss it. (I have since found out, that when you participate in cheerleading, MANDATORY is a word you hear a whole lot....) I don't care much for that word.

So, tonight was the first practice we attended. I was handed a 3 ring binder with "Important Information" in it. I was also instructed to bring a BIRTH CERTIFICATE "or else your child won't be able to cheer". (Apparently there must have been issues with some of these cheerleaders having emerged, fully grown, from under a mushroom..... therefore they MUST have certification of Live Birth, thank you very much...)

And then, there are the MOMS. Oh my. There's simply GOT to be a way I can sneak my camera to some of these practices and take some close-up photos of these women. It's to be expected, of course, that a lot of them are living vicariously through their daughters, but SOME of these moms still think they are 16 year old cheerleaders. Oh yes. The one sitting next to me tonight resembled the wife of Dog, The Bounty Hunter.

It's going to an interesting season, guys.
We'll have plenty of "blog fodder" to giggle over.

BUT, lest I forget, the important thing is...... my daughter is really having FUN! And she's really quite athletic with these jumping things the girls do... (I'm sure there are "official" names for them... but I am, happily, clueless....) :-)


Smileygirl said...

Try to go undercover, like a Dateline NBC special and capture these crazy moms on film for all of our entertainment!!!

D'Arcy said...

so much fun to read. you've got a great kid there!

Louise said...

Did you see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? I'm imaginging the blonde mom on there that had the girl that I think did front walkovers all the way off the candy factory premises.

Lucky you! At least your daughter is having fun!

suz said...

This is FUNNY. Dog's wife is a trip...more boob outside the bra than INSIDE.
Cheer life can be crazy and most sports. You and S have good minds and will keep it all in perspective. hey, maybe even setting a good example too!!!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Yes... I make sure to wear a bra to every event. And I don't wear super-low hip hugger jeans with visible thong showing over the top, along with a midriff baring blouse. After all, I'm in my 40's! (But apparently, some of these mommies "didn't get the memo"!!) :-)

I'm telling you - I'll get some photographic proof VERY soon!