Saturday, August 30, 2008

Definitely not a Boring "Old Guard" White Guy

I must say, I'm very pleased with McCain's pick for his VP.

I wouldn't have predicted it in a million years, and until yesterday I had no clue who this woman was.

But so far, I like what I'm learning about Sarah Palin.
She definitely appeals to this particular independent.
The race is getting interesting (finally!)
Let's have some debates!


Suzanne said...

I know...I just wish she had some more years of experience under her belt.

Deron Arnold said...

Agree with you. I am cautiously optimistic and more interested in this race now than I ever have been before.

Pink Ink said...

This ho-hum election needed something drastic like this. Hooray!

D'Arcy said... her.

But I am still loyal, so far, to Obama....however, this DOES make things more interesting.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora HWHL,
Interesting as a voting ex-pat American to observe this emerging cast of characters and election. I myself find her selection a bit reactionary by the Republicans and certainly negating any argument as to Obama's lack of geo political experience. Obviously the Republicans are hoping to marginalize that percentage of the women Democratic voters still upset about Hillary. Yet there is a vast difference between Hillary and a very inexperienced conservative governor. I also do not care for her environmental policies towards open drilling in Alaska. These are just my opinions and what makes the right to vote a very precious privelege. Have a lovely day. And my prayers are with those in the way of Gustav - good name for a rampaging hurricane.

KingdomWriter said...

It is not even an election of a country I live in or have lived in, but I am really getting into the upcoming US elections. Kinda affects us all in some way. I have become a McCain supporter because of how he confesses himself as a christian, how he speaks with integrity and how he is not as 'showy' as Obama. And of course Sara Palin is a very interesting choice...
Now we have upcoming elections here, and that my friend is a bit of a joke, unfortunately.