Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baton Blunder

I really can't believe that BOTH the USA men's and women's relay teams DROPPED their batons during their races and are completely out of the running now.

What a horrible feeling that must be for them.... to train SO hard for SO many years and then to make such a careless (and preventable!) blunder that ends the whole thing in a split second.
I think I would probably throw up from self-disgust if that happened to me.

Beyond disappointing.
I'm sure they are still in shock.


dons_mind said...

yeah i'm with you - - that was pretty sad watching that last night...i felt bad for both the men's and women's was neat that she picked up the baton and finished the race anyway, even tho it didn't matter...

and, of course, the msm was full of stupid questions - like, how do you feel now? what happened? - - i think costas and his team had to pass being stupid before they'd let them go! lol

suz said...

Oh, I am sure they are not over it yet, so heartbreaking.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I agree with you Don... I was happy to see her complete the race. That said a lot about her spirit.

And I was SURE she was going to pop the reporter in the nose during the ridiculous questioning afterwards. (I'm sure she WANTED to....)