Monday, August 25, 2008

Au Revoir (for now), mes amis....

I'm going to take a break from the Blogosophere for awhile.... I find myself struggling to find Good Things to write about.
I want to write things that lift up others and explore the side of life that is intangible and unseen, and the side of life whose beauty tends to remain hidden.

So, if you don't see me around as much, don't worry. I'm still here (and still reading your blogs), but just choosing what I write about much more carefully.

What precipitated all this?

Well, Kevin's message yesterday really resounded with me. In a big way.
I'm trying to have NO GAPS in my life, and live as authentically as possible.


Suzanne said...

really, if you want to just spend more time on facebook, I understand. ;)
Just kidding.
See you soon,

D'Arcy said...

It is a struggle to become something great in this world that tends to embrace and encourage mediocrity. I admire you and can't wait to read your good thoughts.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I just choked on my Mountain Dew I was laughing so hard... !(I'm amazed it didn't come out of my nose!) It's been since we were 14 that you've made Mountain Dew come out of my nose! LOL... :-)

Goofy girl.

D'Arce... you're a gem.
Can't wait to hear about the first day of school!
Love you, girl! :-)

Deron Arnold said...

Odd. Before I read your post I was thinking the same thing about my blog.

It takes so much time and mental energy to write a quality post.

I'll have to go back to my original blog "mission statement" and see if there's any changes that need to be made.

P.S. Does Mountain Dew burn as bad as Coca-Cola when it comes out the nose?

Louise said...

Beautiful picture! Not downplaying what you're saying, but don't forget that anything can be meaningful. I'm not saying you have to post all the time; I don't want to post all the time, either. But sometimes we don't think we're putting up anything but garbage, and that's only our opinion. A lot of other people find value in it.

One of my favorite blogs went through the same thing.

Good for you for thinking about all this, though.

cjs said...

"...explore the side of life that is intangible and unseen, and the side of life whose beauty tends to remain hidden..."

loved that.

loved this post.

eager for your return, your thoughts...

KingdomWriter said...

Oh you and your words will be missed! Jusy remember that what may seem meaningful to you isn't always what is meaningful to others. Meaning, what may really touch some people is never what you thought would! Maybe you are having too much Mountain Dew?
Me, I blog to remind myself what happens in my life. : )
All the best, see ya soon!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

That was a beautiful message from Kevin.
I understand you need to do what you got to do for yourself. I really do! Keep in touch once in a while so we know you are all doing alright and all is well in the family!

Sugar said...

Oh... I'll miss your words, but totally understand that you need to focus on other things. I'm going to second Kingdom Writer. It may not seem meaningful to you but some of our simplest observations may spark someone else. Maybe a snipet about your week and how the Pastor's message hit home? You never know who might need to hear that...

Keep visiting. It would be sad not to have your comments anymore...