Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Funny Message On My Cell Phone

So I get this message on my cell phone. It's my daughter. The message went something like this:

"Hi Mommy. It's S______ ."(this is always a good indication your child is about to lay something BIG on you... if they are identifying themselves on the message, it means they're busy thinking of how they're going to "explain away" what's coming...) The message continued thusly: "Me and G_____ were playing in my room and we found a HUGE hole in my comforter (she has a very pretty Laura Ashley comforter set) and we have NO IDEA how it got there, but we think Diva probably did it. I just wanted you to know, before you get home."

Indeed, there is a big hole and no, I really don't think the puppy did it (although she is the perfect scapegoat....). I think S and G were doing something with construction paper and scissors (which, mysteriously, were also present in her room) and somehow the comforter got caught up in the cutting frenzy.....

As you can imagine, it's QUITE the mystery. NOT.
I really don't think Nancy Drew will be needed for this one.
("The Case of the Torn Comforter")


suz said...

Too funny. She thought that if she hit you with it on the phone, it would not be such a blow in girl.

D'Arcy said...

I blamed a few things on a few animals in my time...if Diva could talk!

Sugar said...

Well, at least they weren't setting alcohol drenched cotton balls on fire... oh wait... that was me. Flashback. Sorry.

At least she fessed up. And I'm guessing her room is still clean enough that you would actually notice anything different about the comforter. Like what color it was under all the food and unfinished homework and laundry. Oh wait... those were my teens. Flashback, again. Sorry.