Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today's Equestrian Meet-and-Greet

So, this morning I took my new camera and headed out in search of a photo opportunity.

(In my mind I imagine I'll find amazing photos like Michele posts everyday.... alas, it wasn't meant to be this morning.)

However, I did make a little stop near my house at the "compound". The compound is a very mysterious (and very oddly shaped) housing structure where quite a few folks live. It sits on about 10 acres or so and backs up to my neighborhood. As you can imagine, it's a constant source of curiosity to all who live in my subdivision.... is it a cult? a nudist colony? a militia training camp? (Personally, I think it's probably something as innocuous as a family compound with several generations who wanted to live under one really big - and really funny looking - roof.)

Regardless, amongst the widely varied livestock they have roaming about on the grounds, they have several horses. I stopped to say "Buenos Dias" to the above beauty who was nearest to the road and she came right over to inquire if I had carrots (I did not, but we had a nice little chat).
I also snapped a photo of the below lovely munching on grass.
I love horses.


D'Arcy said...

I am SO curious about that compound! Can't you dress all in black and do a Sidney Bristow move and climb through the fence and reveal the truth?

Please! It's my screenplay waiting to be written!!

I love horses too. My family owned them all during my childhood so I became quite the rider.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

It's very interesting, D'Arcy.... they were building it right when we moved into our house here (in 2000).... it's a huge sprawling place.... very modern, and there are always at least 10 - 15 vehicles there, plus garaging for many more - stables, several outbuildings, etc. There's a big gate at the front and the building sits well back from the road. It's always been quite the mystery. :-)

suz said...

The horses are gorgeous. Nice pics.
Oh, I put my money on a cult. So much more fun to talk about than a big family.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh geeze... I didn't even see this and I posted horses today!! HAHA... I haven't been keeping up with you all because I haven't been feeling so well so I've been on auto post for the last couple days but you are so sweet! But your camera seems to be doing well. I'm happy that you are out and about shooting stuff... it's addictive, isn't it!? =D I'm so excited that you've been bitten deeply now by the photo bug! I get to see your part of the world in a whole new light!

KingdomWriter said...

I love horses, they are so comforting, often gentle and safe (when they are friendly). When I was living up north I had a great horse, ad I used to go and chat to her, and she let me ramble on and hug her, just standing there like she knew I needed the comfort. Now we live in suburbia so no horse anymore. Love their smell. A great gift from God.
Oh, your pics are great, I want a camera too now!

Louise said...

Beautiful shots!