Monday, August 4, 2008

Militant Lesbians, Pet Wolf Spiders, Salmon in Bernaise Sauce and the "Mean Streets of Greenwich, CT"... (a/k/a My Long Weekend at the Beach)

The 6 of us (3 couples) had a GREAT long weekend at the beach.
We go to a little coastal Georgia town that is VERY eclectic (if you've ever been to Hilton Head?... think POLAR OPPOSITE....)

This place is kind of funky-eclectic-artist-colony-alternative-lifestyle type area meets really laid-back-family-atmosphere meets fantastic-dining-and-recreation area....

There are tiny little artist bungalows next to multi million dollar mansions.
However, the zoning laws are very strict as far as no multi story sky-scraping hotels on the beach.... so the island has kept a certain amount of charm...
Got a mental picture yet?

OK, so anyway, we were down there with our friends D (who could pass for Will Ferrel's brother - also just as funny), his hilarious wife J (who grew up on the "mean streets" of Greenwich, CT), and B (easily the funniest man in North America) and his wife R. We've known these couples for years - they're wonderful people - more like Aunts and Uncles to our kids than mere friends.

Anyway... as we were going through some of the galleries/shops in the area, we passed a vehicle that was obviously owned by the shop owner who VERY clearly did not like men. At all. She was very proudly proclaiming her lesbianism via various bumper stickers, the most interesting which stated VAGINAS ARE WAY COOL.

Now, I ask you, did she REALLY need to put that bumper sticker on her car? (And where the heck do you even BUY something like that???) I'm sure she's proud that she's gay, but come on. I don't have one on my car that says .... well, never mind.

Moving along, the next gallery owner had about 10 really large pet wolf spiders. If you've never seen a wolf spider before, they're the stuff of nightmares. She referred to them as "sweet and gentle, as long as you don't pinch them".

Yes, ladies and gentleman - please don't pinch the spiders - it's a Mr. Whipple for our generation. These creatures were just OUT .... you could easily stumble into them if you weren't looking.

Of course, we also did considerable walking along the beach, swimming, etc. Had some fabulous meals, include the best salmon in bernaise sauce that I've EVER eaten ANYWHERE. Absolutely incredible. And then we fed the leftover fish to some adorable little turtles that were in a pond near the condo we were staying at.

And of course, no trip to the Georgia Coast is complete without the side trip into Savannah and a stroll down River Street.... stopping at Wet Willie's for a frozen drink, sitting by the river and watching the cargo ships come in...

But, most importantly, we all had a great time - and laughed a WHOLE lot.
Hubster was even caught smiling on Sunday, which was his 45th birthday.


dons_mind said...

wow! although, being a guy, i kinda agree with the shop owner - ya know, vaginas ARE wonderful.... ;)

sue and i used to go down to jekyll island and spend new years week. sounds like a similar type place that you all went too. beautiful down that way - nice beaches, good food!

glad you enjoyed your long week-end!

Deron Arnold said...

OK, you caught my attention with the pet wolf spiders. What do you mean when you say they were "OUT"?

And were they actually selling them?

If so, how much?

We even have these up here in the soon as I see one I crush it.

It reminds me a little of the tarantulas they sell up here in pet stores for $30. Down in Oklahoma, at night, you kind find them all over the road, just crawling around.

BTW, what would your bumper sticker, better not go there.

karengberger said...

Happy Birthday, Hubster! You're still a young pup. =)
Glad you had so much fun and such a good "break." It's great to get away, have a change of scene, laugh with friends, eat food you didn't cook, etc. It sounds as if there was plenty of "local color" to see, too!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend and Happy Belated to your hubby!

The place you went to sounds pretty cool, and I can't help but laugh at the whole bumper sticker scenario! NEVER seen anything like that before! HAHAHA.

And you fed turtles! I'm jealous.

Glad you had fun.

Any pictures???

Jason said...

I'm glad you had a great time...despite the militant lesbians with their vagina stickers. :)

Smileygirl said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I did NOT click on the Wolf spider link. Though tempting, I just couldn't do it. But now I'm tempted again so I'll probably go back and do it after I post this comment and curse your name in the middle of the night when I wake up screaming from my horrific wolf spider attack nightmare. GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!!

Smileygirl said...

Ok I clicked on that link. I don't like you too much right now.

Sugar said...

Wet Willies and Way Cool Vaginas... hmmm... sounds like an afternoon in San Francisco... are you sure you were in Georgia???

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Don - yes, my husband joked about getting one of those bumper stickers for his car. I scowled at him and said "NO". :-)

Deron - You know.... she didn't mention the spiders were for sale... but this lady was a bit on the kooky side so I bet she would have sold them. When I say they were "out", I mean they were not in cages... they were freely roaming around or on their webs in the outside portion of her studio. (Remember now, supposedly they were "very sweet"....)

Karen & Bella - my camera BROKE while I was there - can you believe it??? So, no photos. But, we're going back with the kids over Labor Day... so photos to follow in about a month. :-)
(And yes, Bella - the turtles were adorable - some were the size of my palm - just precious!)

Laura - hope the spider photo didn't give you nightmares! I'm not a spider fan either. (Despite my love of "Charlotte's Web"...)

Jason & Sugar - no guys - I was not in California - I was in Tybee Island, Georgia! :-)

Anne hearts Jackie said...

I happened to have vacationed in Hilton Head this summer and I am not sure what inferrence you are making by declaring that HH is the "ploar opposite" of your "funky-eclectic-artist-colony-alternative-lifestyle type area meets really laid-back-family-atmosphere meets fantastic-dining-and-recreation area...." but it kinda implies that being a " conservative, rich, heterosexual lifestyle area with strick family atmosphere" is a bad thing?

Anne hearts Jackie said...

and BTW...if you DONT want to see Vagina Stickers and wolf spiders, go to HH.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Look everyone! Anne Hearts Jackie is back! And she's as irritable as ever! ;-) (You know I love you, dear...)

Anne Darling, you really should use spell check before you submit your comments... you spelled "inference", "strict" and "polar" wrong... :-)

But to reply to your comments, I have absolutely nothing against HH. It's an lovely and very homogenous place. I just prefer something with a bit more 'eclectic color'. :-)

Speaking of eclectic color, we need to make a date to get together to do lunch and see the galleries/shops over on my side of town.... I'll give you a buzz soon...

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