Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heard at a Middle School Somewhere in Suburban Atlanta.....

Thursday afternoon..... my sweet son J came ambling up the driveway.... he's got a definite STRUT after the first 4 days of Middle School. (Gone is the nervousness from being the "new kid" in 6th grade...)

Clearly, he's feeling very capable, very competent. All good things. Mom approves.

He enters the kitchen - slings his backpack onto the table and gives me a sly smile. I immediately notice the "twinkle" in my son's eye.

Me: "J - what's up? You seem really happy about something...."
J: (twinkling even more, but trying to play it cool) "A girl talked to me in class today."
Me: "Oh, well that's nice. Do you know this girl?"
J: (twinkle twinkle) "Nope. Never met her. Still don't know her name."
Me: (puzzled, and now very curious) "Well what did she say to you?"
J: "She said: 'Do you work out? Because you have nice muscles.'"
Me: -Rendered Speechless-

So this is how it starts. This is how these girls wind up taking young innocent boys away from their mothers.

I'm kidding. Sort of.
But, c'mon. 6th grade????

That sounds like the kind of comment you'd hear in a singles bar, for crying out loud! Not in SIXTH GRADE!!


J is, as you can imagine, now VERY excited about his newfound manliness and its power over the opposite sex..... Oh, lordy..... my boy may never be the same....


suz said...

OMG. I could not imagine ever saying that to a boy. Watch out for her....she may trouble.

D'Arcy said...

yeah, it just gets worse in High School, you wouldn't believe what I hear (and see for that matter).

But wow, bold of this girl. I am all about girls speaking their minds, but I also remember that guys love a good chase!

Louise said...

Poor you! You can help keep his head level, though.

A couple of years ago a boy next to us was in middle school. He and his middle school friends (two who I thought were quite cute, and I would have been drooling over them had I been in middle school--though quietly from the sidelines) would play hours of basketball in his driveway. I called the girls who came to watch "the harem." I always wondered if their mothers knew they were just sitting in someone's driveway staring at boys. I always wondered, didn't their mothers have some chores for them to do? (The boys, too, for that matter." I always wondered why the girls so shamelessly chased the boys.

The boys were nice kids who pretty much ignored the girls, but STILL. I'm sure they liked it, even if ignoring it. But what makes girls like that in 6th grade??? I have girls. I pray I'll have a few things to do for them around here (chores AND fun) that keep them doing things a little more constructive most of the time.

Anonymous said...

That is funny Happy Wife!

I think.

My son is in sixth grade (ELEMENTARY school) and is terrified of girls and claims no interest whatsoever.

The most exciting thing he said to me (on the frst day) was, "Mom our teacher said we have to wear deodorant everyday".

What do we have to lok forward to?!

=) Bella

dons_mind said...

ahhh part of growing up as a male....i'd say don't make a big deal of it and all will pass...

i work with what's known as eLearning. it involves creating an online, multimedia based educational experience for adults - in the position i'm in now, it's for the military folks. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It sounds complicated, but it's a method by which training courses are designed and packaged so that the smallest element of the training is a sharable object. in that way, it can be used in other training courses where applicable. it's an effort to save duplication of training efforts.

sorry - - - you asked..... lol lol

karengberger said...

I'd be speechless, too. And I think you are right; that is how it begins...but where in the heck did a 6th grade girl learn to say such things? On TV, or a movie? Yikes!