Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Night's (Late Night) Olympic Dog-Bathing Challenge

So, last night, after "Mud-Fest '08", Diva needed a bath.
Hubster hosed her down in the backyard, but she STUNK to high heaven.

So, I dragged her upstairs and plopped her in our nice clean white garden tub.... and the Battle Began.

Saying this dog does NOT like baths is a gross understatement.
And saying this dog is STRONG for her size is a MAMMOTH understatement.

Hubster said he could hear the string of expletives (from my mouth, not Diva's) all the way out in the backyard. If looks could kill, Diva definitely would've won the battle. We were both drenched when it was over, but she was clean, and smelling fresh. I on the other hand, was covered in puppy shampoo suds, fur, and a tremendous amount of water (and sweat).

A good time was NOT had by all.

And then of course, when it was all over, she fell sound asleep, due to the exertion of the event.
And I snapped this adorable close-up.

PS: Laurie, I LOVE my new Nikon.... thanks again for the recommendation! :-)


suz said...

sounds like a blast. not.
Cocoa hates baths too. But she takes hers in the girls bathtub, with warm water. She is terrified, like I am going to drown her or something.....
But she just stands there and takes it like a woman.
I thought labs were water dogs?
Did she not get the memo?

Louise said...

Don't they know we hate the giving t hem baths as much as they hate getting them? If they would just cooperate, it would be over SO much more quickly. My dog likes baths about as much as he likes fireworks. That would be "not so much."