Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Key To Everything.....

... is a dry erase board.

Or so I now believe.

Believe it or not, my children start school on August 11th. (Yes, we start early here... but we also get out prior to Memorial Day...)

Anyway, because my 40 year old brain isn't QUITE the steel trap it used to be (it's now basically a rusty spring...), I need a visual list to keep myself on track.... and because the folded up paper lists I keep in my wallet don't always "mesh" with one another, I purchased and have mounted in our kitchen a large white dry erase board with a big blue marker.

And I am so excited about this.

This will keep all members of the family on task and organized. All activities, doctors appointments, reports, deadlines, games, etc. will go on the dry erase board.

I guess it's safe to say you've reached middle age when you get excited (or maybe the correct word is "relieved") when you put a system like this into place.

Can you TELL I'm ready for the school year to start?

Summer is great.... but I do like being on a schedule.... I just find everyone gets so much more DONE... (me included.)


karengberger said...

Do I detect the whiff of an office-supply-addiction? If so, welcome aboard (oww, the pun)!
I LOVE anything that helps VISUALLY. That includes finding the perfect calendar/address book combo. I had one, but then my eyes started to have trouble with the font size (at age 48, the type started to look a lot smaller). Now I have the Costco 3-pack of magnifiers to help, but I have to remember to put them ON! My mind is not the "steel trap" that it once was, either! Enjoy the first days of school! God bless you.

Anonymous said...

All that stuff get me excited as well! I'm very much into organization (and Office Depot!).

My kids start school early too!


The Girl Next Door said...

My kids know we live and die by "the White Board." You will love it! Or maybe I'm just a fellow dork?!

KingdomWriter said...

So one sharp rusty spring to another, and on the dork alert subject... I already have one of these, but three, yes, three different coloured markers... : )
AND a spare that keeps the kids entertained for hours...
I used to go for the blackboard after I discovered blackboard paint and painted a portion of the wall (floor to ceiling) but I have now advanced to the whiteboard. Cannot do without it, haha.
Enjoy the peace when the kids go to school!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

K, I don't have children but I'm still looking forward to when the kids go back... yep, I live by the mall and the parking lot is the hang out up until 1 am. Large crowds gather and show off their cars and we know how that's done, don't we? Sigh... I don't sleep until they go home... I work at 5am... you get the picture, right? Yay for back to school!! =D