Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mommy Got a New Nikon! :-)

Expect some photos (and more vids) soon!

I'm sitting here with my owners manual spread out in front of me.... learning, learning, learning!

(btw - thank you, Phabulous Photographer Phriends, for your recommendations!)


D'Arcy said...


Which one? Which one? Which one?

You can't just say NIkon! We want numbers and models and makes to follow!


Louise said...

Congratulations! I need to have my manual in front of me figuring everything out!

Happy shooting!

suz said...

I have a nikon. I too love it.
I was never able to comment on that post...that was when the 'puter was down...
Well, it it still is, but coach brought home his monitor for the weekend. Tomorrow, back to the slow one again. arrrggghhhh
Damn Dell.

Smileygirl said...

Run for your LIFE DIVA!!!!