Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School - Who, ME, Nervous??

Both kids came sauntering back up the driveway this afternoon.

J practically had a little "strut" going.... he's the Big Man About Town now.... no more baby stuff for HIM. The first day of 6th grade was JUST FINE, thank you. He got a little lost, but it was "no biggie, Mom".... he told me as he breezed past me and into the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a snack pack of chocolate pudding. "Yeah, AND there are some 'hot' girls in 6th grade." (I scowled at this comment, of course...)

S was equally bubbly about the 5th grade. She actually had homework on the first day - she was asked to write a Mission Statement on what her mission was, academically, this year. (I thought that was a GREAT homework assignment for the first day.... really get them THINKING, and on the right track.)

2nd day of school outfits are laid out, showers have been taken, and kids went to bed (again) at a reasonable hour. I'm enjoying this back-to-schedule stuff! (I realize, of course, the novelty will wear off VERY soon.... but for now, it's quite nice!)

Pictures to come soon! They're still in the new Nikon.... haven't yet gotten to the part in the owner's manual that tells me how to "extract" them! :-)


suz said...

Sounds good.
Thank goodness for all the hot girls in middle school. That will get him up each morning...ready to learn!! :)

D'Arcy said...

when you are the teacher, there just aren't those few days of novelty...instead, there is a calendar you put up counting down to Christmas break!!

Louise said...

It all starts tomorrow for me. I'm still dreading it. I guess the "normal" routine might be good, but "normal" takes a lot more time depositing and picking up than summer, and am not looking forward to that time drain. Chic, on the other hand, can hardly contain her excitment.

karengberger said...

It sounds like a happy time and full of hope. God bless you all as you begin this new chapter!