Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Disney Character?

We took our kids (and our dogs) out to our favorite park yesterday afternoon.
Enjoyed picking and eating some fresh blackberries (yummy), and of course, Diva was a TOTAL rock star at the park.

She LOVED the attention.

The most interesting comment she got was from a grown man who said "She could be a Disney Character!" (I could tell by his worshipful gaze that this really meant something....) :-)

The cutest moment came when we passed the doggie water fountain and it was Diva's turn to get a drink; she climbed into the water fountain and laid in it, luxuriating in the cool water, much to the annoyance of the dogs behind her, waiting in line for a drink. (I SO wished I had my camera or cell phone to capture that moment...)


suz said...

awww, you should have had your camera. Because BLINK, she will be full grown soon.
Disney character huh? what the H does that mean? She looks like a cartoon?

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Yeah, I thought it was kind of an odd comment too. (Esp considering what an UN-Disney person I am, which of course he had no way of knowing. People who are INTO Disney think everyone is into Disney. Nope.)

She really was a rock star though... at a certain point, she realized she was the center of attention and developed this strut, kind of like George from "The Jeffersons" (remember that TV show? One of my faves from the 70s, as a kid...)

The Girl Next Door said...

OH you are not helping my resolve to NOT add another puppy to this household....at least I have resisted getting another large dog. I'm thinking small dog. The kids will be gone to college in 2 years - what am I thinking? But then I see Diva and I want one...

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Ah, GNO.... you need to read the email I just sent you.... you need to see the "seedy underbelly" of life with a new puppy.


It ain't all glamour, let me tell ya!