Friday, June 27, 2008

NOT what I want my 10 Year Old to See....

Now, I'm sure some folks out there in the blogosphere find Mario Lopez disarmingly handsome, incredibly talented, and tremendously intelligent.

I just don't happen to share their opinion. And neither does my good friend Suz (Do you, Suz?)

To the contrary, I find him icky. And an exhibitionist. And when my daughter retrieved a People magazine out of our mailbox a week or so ago (yes, I full well realize that People is "junk food for the mind".... ), I wasn't prepared that she was going to see this SPREAD in there.

Yes, you saw that photo right. And there was no warning at all. He was right there in all his (almost) glory, for anyone to see. As you might imagine, I wasn't very happy that my 10 year old saw this. In People magazine, of all places.

I'm really not an 'uptight' Mom at all, but come on.
Is this really an appropriate photo for an innocuous gossip magazine? Really?


Maggie said...

you forgot arrogant...cant stand him!

Sugar said...

It's Generation Porn.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Call it what you will, but it's not appropriate for the magazine it was in..... and it should have at least had a warning with it.

Boquinha said...

OMIGOSH! That's ridiculous! And disturbing. And a little sickening? Yuck. I agree with you--I wonder if there will be a backlash. I'm surprised there's not more in the media about this.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Boquinha - I know, right? It really bothered me a lot. You'd expect a photo like that in certain magazines, but People is mainly "who's wearing what" and general celebrity gossip nonsense, so I've never really felt the need to censor it too heavily and therefore my kids thumb through it. (My daughter has a crush on Nick Jonas and David Archuleta... likes to see "news" on both of them.). Anyway, I'm sure People will be getting some letters over it. There's one from me on the way, and I consider myself a pretty live-and-let-live kind of person. At the VERY least, there should have been some sort of "Parental Advisory" warning .... or something.

Deron Arnold said...

"Is this really an appropriate photo for an innocuous gossip magazine?"
Maybe it's not so innocuous. BTW, good choice of words. I don't see or hear "innocuous" very often.

Jason said...

Well, I can see I'm in the minority here. I, um, kinda sorta really liked it, and all the necessary parts are covered, right?

I hope you and Suz still like me after this comment.

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I would have been surprised if I didn't see your smiling face leaving a comment here!

And you know you have my UNCONDITIONAL friendship!

Seriously, I'm just happy that things are looking up in your world - that is wonderful news!