Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Know The Gasoline Crisis is Bad When....

Your next door neighbors trade in their Toyota Sequoia and BWM X5 for a Mazda 3 and a Honda Civic.

Just talked to them. They said the cost of gas was killing them.
The BMW required premium and the Toyota got horrid mileage.... they were spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds on gas every month.

We still have our SUV. Trade in values are awful and - call me crazy - I still really like the car. My husband is very large (6'5") so he needs a large car to drive, and it's nice to have room for the kids and all their friends, as well as room for both dogs.

My sedan gets OK mileage, and (thankfully) since I work from home I really don't clock a lot of miles. (And lately I don't go anywhere unless I need to.)

I just really hope we can find a new clean fuel source before my kids' generation reaches adulthood. I would hate for them to inherit this MESS we've created. What a nasty legacy to leave someone.


Bella said...

I think about the same things for our children's future!

Luckily, I have a hybrid, but DH has a Yukon. Kinda balances out. I like to think so anyways! =)

SUVs really are convenient with kids and all. I admit it!

karengberger said...

We frequently have the "trade in the bigger car for a compact" conversation, and all I can get out of Gregg is, "You can buy a lot of gas with the money you're talking about spending on a new car." It's the principle, and he knows it, but MAN, are the Norwegians stubborn! And if they are part German and part Norwegian, forget about it.
I just had a deja vu. Maybe I told you this already. If I did, you can delete this comment and chalk it up to menopause! Anyway, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I spent $80 last time I filled up, and that HURT. So does dependence on countries that don't like ours...

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

I agree with you Karen.
My husband drives a Durango (with the HEMI, of course.... when we bought it gas was $1.50 a gallon and he HAD to have the big engine...) Anyway, I hate paying that much, but I hate MORE that I know part of our money is probably going to fund some anti-American training camp somewhere.

It's an icky, icky thing. Our leaders knew this was coming 30 years ago and they did nothing. (Or next to nothing.) Very disappointing to be here, at 2008, backed into a corner by this issue that effects everything. (I remember waiting in line for gas, as a kid, on the military base, in my parents car, back in the 70s.... you would THINK that would have been our collective smack in the face we needed to very seriously develop alternative fuel sources but no.... our leaders have chosen to take the Ostrich Approach to this problem.)

Sorry, I'll quit venting. I just get angry when I think of our innocent children inheriting this MESS. (VERY angry...)