Sunday, June 29, 2008

So Why do YOU Blog?

Lately it seems blogging has been in the news a good bit (or maybe I'm just more "in tune" to these stories, now that I'm part of the Blogosphere...)

It got me to thinking about WHY I BLOG....

Is it to fill the hours in the day?

No, definitely not that. With a husband, two kids, two dogs, and a business (and some volunteer commitments), I have plenty to fill my time.... and I frequently feel somewhat guilty sneaking up to my office on the weekends to "pen a post"....

Well then, is it to bare my soul for the all the world to see?

No, not really that either. If you were to meet me in person, you would find me gregarious and cheerful but not one of those people who is overly-eager to share All The Personal Details Of Her Life (I think we've all sat next to THAT person on a plane before, yes?)

So, when it comes right down to it, why do I blog?
It's a creative outlet, without a doubt. I've always enjoyed writing, and I've always (since I was 13) kept a journal. This has, in many ways, replaced my journal. And, it's a way to "connect" with other like-minded folks around the world who I simply wouldn't have had a chance to meet and connect with otherwise.

Now it's YOUR turn. If you would be so kind, tell me why YOU blog. How did you get started? Did it feel weird or awkward at first? (For me, it definitely did.) Why do you keep going? What do you get out of it?

Enlighten me. :-)


Sugar said...

Why do I blog? Let me count the ways...

I hardly ever get asked this. I usually get asked what blogging is all about. I get really excited and love to tell people about the blogosphere, but then when I start to describe my different projects, I begin to feel quite empassioned about my subjects. I can't ever define a "why" so much as I just have to say, "just because."

One blog about me climbing out of my pain. One is all about joy. One is a diary on writing and photography, just for me, mostly. I still pen a journal, filling one up every two to three months for the last twenty five years. There are things I can not say in a post and writing by hand is still so cathartic that I can't imagine ever giving that up.

I think that everyone has an experience to share. It's in the connecting that blogging comes alive. Sometimes that means baring your soul. Sometimes it's sparking conversations about hot issues. And then there are the times that you write into space thinking you just need to get this out and don't care who reads or comments. Sometimes, those are the moments that you wake up and your in box is full. It's like the Police song, message in a bottle:

"Hundred million bottles washed upon the shore. Seems I'm not alone in being alone. Hundred million castaways looking for a home."

Those are not the only reasons I blog... but that will do for now.

D'Arcy said...

My good friend had a blog about two years before I did. She was SO into it. She introduced me to the word and the prideful, write things only on paper self, stuck up my nose at it.

But as everyone kept getting harder and harder to keep in contact with, as friends fell through the cracks, as friends kept saying, "you should blog!" I decided that my upcoming trip to Mongolia would be a good place to start a blog. I kept it pretty light at first. A few jokes, a few photos, a few stories, nothing too revealing, nothing to controversial.

Now I really enjoy the community, I enjoy getting thoughts out and it seems faster with a journal (plus, my page has polk a dots and vintage dresses and it's just so cute!) that I like connecting with people this way.

Plus, it has really opened up the world for me lately, making friends across the globe.

I wish I could have all my new friends over in real life!

suz said...

Ohhh, great question my friend. It is a creative outlet for me for sure. I have always liked writing and this is a fun way to do it I think. Plus I am getting so much stuff off of my chest and out of my brain. Thanks for getting me hooked!!!
It was weird at first, now it is SO easy.

Anonymous said...

I find it's a creative outlet (like you said) and a stress reliever.

It's just kinda "fun" to me.

Doesn't have to be serious, yet can be serious.

Just me!

(I do like meeting new people too!).


Smileygirl said...

I like to get thoughts out of my head so I can focus on doing other things. Otherwise I am overwhelmed with the "stuff" in my head. So it's definitely an outlet.

When it comes to the animals, they are just too cute so I have to share them with the world! Which attracts so many other animal lovers which I love...

Deron Arnold said...

I started blogging because I wanted to relay my thoughts and feelings about living with CF and a pending lung transplantation.

I continue to blog because it helps clarify my own views on various matters. I'm forced to write more carefully when the whole world potentially could see (and comment) than I would if I were just keeping a paper journal.
Plus, I would like to leave some kind of collection of thoughts or teachings to my boys in the possible event of my early demise.
I think blogs are great...I'm trying to get my pastor and his staff to start one.

The Girl Next Door said...

Ah yes, we were on the same wavelength, weren't we, when we both published this idea around the same time?

OH and I did it. Despite your warnings. Daughter is now the proud momma of a tiny 2 pound jack russell. I still cannot believe I caved. What did you warn me about? "pee, poop, sleep, lather rinse repeat?" Egad. At least she'll sleep in Daughter's room when Daughter is here. Next week I'm on my own....any chance we'll train her in 4 days? I didn't think so....

jomama said...

i love what sugar said, the line from the police song, "seems i'm not alone in being alone." that's a big part of why i blog, too.
in my everyday non-blogging life i don't have a lot of opportunities to talk about some of the things that mean so much to me: good books, music, design, and art. it's nice to know i have another "place" to go where i can put that stuff out there, even if no one reads it, it's still nice just to put it out there.