Friday, June 20, 2008

In Less Than 24 Hours.....

.... we bring Lady Godiva ("Diva") home to live with us. Just spoke to the breeder and he reports that Diva is fully weaned and ready to go.

The kids are ready to BURST, they are so excited. (Hubster and I are, too...) Ruby, our other dog, is completely oblivious. She's just napping in the foyer, passing gas.... she has no clue What Awaits Her...! :-)


Maggie said...

You must be soooooo excited!!!! I'm jealous and excited for you...I hope, wait, I know you will post lots and lots of pictures and keep us updated on your new family member! I showed my Maddie the picture and she just melted, she so wants a puppy!

suz said...

dimoh, I feel for Ruby.
Does she want to come retire here?
with the boxer, 3 cats, snake and 2 lizards? Such calm.